The Time Fairies Bio

Who We Are

As lifestyle managers, Sandra Walker and Que Burns both native Illinoisans founded The Time Fairies in 2018 and have anchored their business in the mission and joy of helping discerning professionals recapture their personal time.

The two ladies connected organically after both working for over two decades as accountants, financial analysts, and mothers.

Que is honored to serve the professional community with her organizational talents gleaned from these experiences and her sustained passion for making people’s lives easier.

Having a big impact on people’s lives is why I love doing what I do. Everyone could use a little help – so I thought to myself - If I had another me, how much more could I get accomplished in a day's time? One of us could grocery shop, do laundry and run errands while the other could focus on more personal commitments like reservations or appointments.

Que has an honest, straightforward, and fun approach to relationships and business. Her enthusiasm for life, her dedication, her loyalty, and her diligent work ethic are just a few of her best qualities. 

Sandra found that being a Lifestyle Manager used all of her talents and found it very rewarding.

“We would like to look at doing corporate services but for now we've centered our focus on non-profits and startups nationwide."

Sandra’s accommodating nature allows her to manage multiple tasks with ease.  Her outstanding leadership skills have proven themselves as an invaluable asset. Anyone who knows Sandra is wowed by her knowledge, character and ability to produce positive outcomes.


Meet The Time Fairies

Dr. Sandra Walker

Business Concierge Manager


As the lead grant writer for The Time Fairies, Dr. Sandra Walker has nearly 20 years of experience in both grant writing and grants management. Her experience includes both programmatic and financial management - mainly in the nonprofit arena. As a volunteer CFO, for a Clarksville, TN non-profit organization, she has successfully obtained over 22 grant opportunities for the organization for nearly $350,000.00 These opportunities included local foundations, state and local government awards.


Meet The Time Fairies

Que Burns

Personal Concierge Manager

QB Headshot.jpg

Throughout her career, Que Burns has contributed to impacting many business outcomes. As the Personal Concierge Manager, she realizes her job is to make sure vendors understand the full scope of the client's project. As  both a compliance and financial professional, she has acquired the training and skills needed to balance and analyze transactions to ensure they meet standards. Que holds a degree in Management with a minor in Public Administration and also a certification in Contract Law. 

While Que enjoys being a gatekeeper for her clients, it is the variation of duties, coupled with the ability to build long lasting relationships with each individual, that makes it worth her while.